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Copey_Avast, Aug 31, 10 2:12 AM.

After weeks of work...Weeks of learning the fight and teaching it to others...Weeks of dedicated raiding...





It took us a long time. That long time was mostly due to the destruction of a raid group that left. But after rebuilding, and pulling ourselves up, we have done it.

Congratulations to everybody in Avast. Not just the 10 that were in that specific raid.

I've always said raiding is a team effort. We lost some members of that team, but those that stood by us stepped up and prevailed.

Thank you for all the dedication that everybody still in Avast has shown. Everybody from the newer members to the original members that were tackling Naxx has shown that a guild full of good people can do great things.

Words have a hard time conveying how proud I am of everybody in Avast. You guys rock. Now that the happy feely time is over, let's go kill him again, and do some hard modes! GOGO!

The New Avast King Slayers are:

 Bruttus        -        Pally Tank
Copey        -        Druid Tank
Toadwarts        -        Druid Healer
Offthemenu        -        Shammy Healer
Divnstorm        -        Pally Healer
Cinnmonia        -        Marks Hunter
Cleatus        -        Marks Hunter
Chanty        -        Frost DK
Gandallff        -        Arcane Mage
Maddbomber        -        Shadow Priest

Avast is 11/12 with the fall of Sindragosa

Copey_Avast, May 18, 10 1:59 AM.
After putting in approximately 6 hours of wipe time on our new friend Sindragosa, we finally have a winning strat. Thank you to all the raiders who stuck to it, and especially those that brought new ideas to the table.

Grats to all in attendance and to the whole guild now that we have a very usable strategy for a return kill.


Next up, your pal and mine, The Lich King.  We put just a few attempts in on him and have him down to 70%.  King Slayer titles coming soon to a raider near you!


A fight for healers to fight for HPS!!!! No Way!

Meisteramo, Apr 23, 10 4:13 AM.


Who is next in line for the throne? Cinnmonia or Cyrel...?

Meisteramo, Apr 23, 10 4:11 AM.


Blood Princes? More like B.S. Princes

Copey_Avast, Apr 10, 10 4:09 AM.
After.....Minutes of discussing the strat we down the Blood Princes. 


We are going to consider them on "Farm Status"
So-and-so has logged on!